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Cryptic Facebook Statuses [14 Jun 2012|08:40pm]
[ mood | conflicted ]

Welp. Because I didn't want to post a cryptic FB status and have everyone be all like, "What now?" I'm post here where very few of the people who read this will be people it concerns.

So, what needs to be said first and foremost. I'm in Australia. I have been for...About...Three weeks, I think, now. I am here as a Nanny/Au Pair. I've currently committed to being here for six months. Thing is...They would like me to stay longer. And I've got to decide in about three weeks if I'm staying for six or if I'm staying for 9+. :S

My main issue. I personally, well...My emotions fluxuate on if I'd like to stay or if I'd like to go. There is this part of me, though if I did this I would likely go home for holidays and the like, that could see me staying a year or more, if Visa stuff would allow.

However...The part of me that thrives on comfortableness and sameness wishes, at least slightly, that I'd not come at all. Why is this? Because a dear friend of mine who'd been out of the country for about 7-8 months. And not only do I consider him a friend but there is this part of me that has always kind of liked him but I've never acted on it because A)I don't see myself as his type and B)Even if I did I still wouldn't want to risk ruining our friendship over my silly feelings. I think, though, that those feelings have only grown with his being gone and now me being gone, because he's actually back in my home town now...That and there is this part of me that dreads spending the holidays away from my family, though there is also this part of me that has always fantasized about it. D: So...I'm a very torn Stormie.

The worst part of this all. I had a dream last night. The one that made those butterflies in my tummy get all fluttery...The kind that I can remember and that I was even conscious of when I was dreaming. Stupid subconscious! A dream of said boy kissing me...Yep. Butterflies even with just typing it.

Is it silly of me, in the extreme, to want to go back to see him? Yes. To see my family? Not so much.

I dunno...I'm also trying to be an adult about this decision and take money(cursed thing that it is) into consideration as well as which will allow me to grow more. The choice there is obvious but I've always been a severely emotionally driven person. Example: I did theater because it made me feel happy&enriched and like I did something others enjoyed. Same for art. I am LDS(Mormon) because I feel it brings me a sense of happiness, peace, and just general comfort and without the things I've been taught there I feel an extreme sense of aloneness and like someone has punched a fist through my chest.

Soo...I dunno. What would you do? :S Does anyone have any all wise words for me?


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Happy Tuesday!! :) [23 Mar 2010|05:52pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

It is a happy day. It's been a good week. And I'm determined to make it all good. x3

The one thing I'm posting about....

What I know, I know. And one thing I know:

Socialism isn't the way to go good ol' Government...We're doing what the Soviet Union did as it collapsed...Which means we could head down the road. I don't like that idea. No.

When will the People of the United States get it into their head that this government, this republic can only work if the people are good. And by that I mean having some sort of moral standard to them! I don't care what religion you are. Heck, I don't even care if you don't believe in any God. What I do care is that you care about you and those around you. Don't encourage falsehoods. Don't encourage the stupidity and greed of humanity.

Be what we can, as the people of the United States, we must take a stand.

I do think that Health Care reform was needed....But this? Really?

I don't know...I just had an angry moment with my brother...Well, not so much an angry moment as a moment of deffiant and harsh words with him...And light argument of a friendly nature, I suppose.

...Have you noticed that Socialist countries are beginning to lean toward Capitalism? And Capitalist countries to Socialism? Insteresting turn of events, no?

We certainly cannot leave the world in the state it is...The Country, for future generations. I, for one, intend to take a true stand on these things as soon as I can. And continue to educate myself on such things.

I don't care if you agree or disagree with my words. I just had to get it out there...


P.S.-Yep....I actually am in a good mood. And I've not really had a chance to truly read the bill, but I do know that from what I've heard, I don't like it. I will continue to do as I should. Educated myself to the best of my ability. That is me telling you. And me telling me. :)

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Well, Isn't it Ironic [10 Mar 2010|06:42pm]
[ mood | meh ]

I've put on a face for nearly a year and a half. Shoved aside my own emotions and wished her good luck.

Held my head high saying I'm proud of her.

And I am.

But I miss her. Any thoughts of her sends me to tears.

She my best friend and I need her back. I could tell her anything.

E-mail and letters. They aren't the same.

Life is stressing me out right now...I need her.

She is my sister. I love her...Only a few months left but they certainly are dragging.


P.S.-I just needed to throw that out there...I'm stressed and I've been in a strange mood all day. Happy, sad, annoyed, content, etc

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Sister safe! :) [01 Mar 2010|07:06am]
[ mood | happy ]

I just talked to her. :D It's funny because I'm pretty sure she has a wee-bit of an accent, it's cute. xD

She's talking to Jason now.

WeeeeeEEEeee!!! Happy! :D


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Pray for them.. [27 Feb 2010|12:24pm]
[ mood | worried ]

For Pega, the missionaries of her area, and the people of the Concepcion South Area:

There was an earthquake last night in the Concepcion, Chile area. My sister is in LA, Chile but Church Headquarters has yet to hear from her mission, the only mission they've not heard from infact.
So, please, if you pray((if not, please keep her in your hopes/est wishes/whatever you might do along the lines of prayer)) send a little prayer their way. She should be alright but any prayer is helpful to both her and the missionaries of her mission.

Thank you.

Plus, a little bit of help for those there, is always good. :)


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3 Months to the day... [25 Feb 2010|05:27pm]
[ mood | silly ]

I graduate! D: WEIRD!


That was me this morning when they made the annocement about the whole 3 months to the day thing.

It's weird!!!


*cough* Sooo...Not really...I just begin to feel that way...

Love you all!


P.S.-Yes, random entries are my forte.

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First Commission Finally Finished. [22 Feb 2010|07:39pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Wow...A "normal" title for once! :O Weird of me, neh?



Wait...What? No...That's it before I cleaned it...I just think it looks cool...^^;


Hope you like them. :)



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Whether Clad Boudoir or Urban [19 Feb 2010|10:39pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Lyrics of Elton John and Tim Rice's lovely song; Strongest Suit from Aida.
EDIT: To see a bit about the show and a clip of us actually performing ((minus hair and makeup. :P)) part of a number clickie Here ---> http://www.standard.net/topics/features/2010/02/11/forbidden-love-story-blossoms-weber-high <---

I have to say this.
It must be said.

I have to say this.
I love my life.

I have to say this.
Theater is my life.

I have to say this.
I want to teach.

I have to say this.
I want to teach THEATER!

I have to say this.
It's changed my life.

I have to say this.
It's changed me.

I have to say this.
It's brought out my confidence.

I have to say this.
I will not be denied.

I have to say this.
I will follow my dreams.

I have to say this.
I'm proud of the people I've shared this experience with.

I have to say this.
I wouldn't change a thing.

I have to say this.
I love my life.

I have to say this.
It must be said.

Typing out some thoughts...Releasing some of my happiness and doubt. Being me.


P.S.-Magna, UT? Where the fiddle sticks is that?

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The strangest question... [17 Feb 2010|11:30pm]
Well...The oddest thing happened tonight...I went to a lil' live chat thing to watch my friend do live feed..

We got to talking about cosplay...I mentioned how I don't really want to cosplay, at least right now, because I fel as though I'm a "bigger" girl and I'd rather wait till I loose a few pounds...

The guy present, a self declared lolita loving, etc boy ((can't think of his words exactly)) said I just need self-exteem...

Thing is...Especially recently, I feel as thought I've been better about this...

I guess no one on here can really say...I'm more me on here than anywhere else...D:

I like my body but I'd like it better if I were a lil' thinner...Aren't I justified in that? I mean...I still put myself on stage and ignore the stupid calls of some of the boys. ((Today, for example, we did a show during school and so we where running around during lunch people where being stupid, boys especially, and I ignored 'em...Or is that me just being...Well...Resistant...?))

I can't tell anymore...

Felt like ranting...And this seems to be my random-rant-esque place as of late..


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Bannana Peals and Sketch Books [10 Feb 2010|06:18pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Title=Random objects by me. :)

Anyways, tis my dinner break for Aida practice today...Which is going well, and I might actually get out early...We open in a week and I might get out EARLY! I's soooooo excited.

The point of this journal:

I started walking home today because I dun like standing infront of the school waiting. I smelled something, burning rubber or someit, that made me think of the park I used to live by in California...It was an awesome park, weird at night, but loads of fun at normal times.

Soooo...It made me feel all nestolgic and want to go to Cali and visit my old neighborhood...;.;

What makes you feel nestolgic? *curious* Sents especially.

Back to practice I go!!! *strikes pose and dashes away*


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One of those days... [07 Feb 2010|06:18pm]
[ mood | lost ]

I'm having one of those days where I'm just not sure why I'm here. My shoulders feel physically heavy with stress. I really want to write, poetry or work on one of my novel ideas....But my heart just isn't in it. I have loads of homework to do and although I have my online class open I can't get myself to shut down my other wantings and just do that.

I sent Amiers an e-mail about housing for SUU and such but now I feel like I'm jumping to conclusions...

We have a ticket drop tomorrow and I've not sold anymore...

I dunno...I want to see my sister but there's still five more months...I need to get my AP Lit homework done and I have no desire to. I also have Government homework, AP Euro...Etc....My heart just isn't anywhere tonight.

I feel trapped by my ownn ideals and by the ideals of my parents. A stranger in my own home. And place I've no desire to be...

And now I'm hating myself for how much I just focused on myself in those words above.

I am blessed.

But I don't know what I'm doing...

I had to say something...Somewhere...And this happened to be the place.


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Ramblings [03 Feb 2010|11:17pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

day was interesting. Happy but interesting.

I got my new phone(It's funky, and I'm still figuring it out...And my SIM isn't activated or someit)...But school...Well...I love the Productions company but sometimes I just want to slap the people or run away from them or both...*sigh* But my lack of sleep this week is totally not helping my moodiness...

I dunno...I was on...Wanted to post.

I sadly have nothing of true importance to convey...Oh! 'Cept I'm pretty sure on a college...Just need to work on finalizing Scholarships/auditioning for some. ((Have to schedual a special day because this particular school is having theirs the closing night of Aida))

AIDA! Oh cheese. That's coming along. Two weeks. Two weeks! ((Two dollars!)) *cough* It's so strange...I have less than six months ((less than five? I dunno)) till I graduate....@@ What an odd, odd feeling...

Anyways...I'm aiming for 11-11:30 to bed tonight so I'm gonna head.



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Simplicity... [20 Oct 2009|10:24pm]
[ mood | numb ]

To put it simply, I've beeen in really weird mood(s) for the past week or more...And today I found out that one of my friends felt I was angry with her...And that I'm taking my feelings out on others...

I just need to get this out...

I hope I'm not...If I am, it means I'm falling inot an old; and I thoguht outgrown, habit...

I just dunno....

If you pray keep me in your prayers? If you don't...Your thoughts please?

I need help...I miss my big sisters....I hardly see Cheryl and I still have nine-ish months till I'll see Amy again. Please....


P.S. On the happy news, see my icon.

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A Korean Homecoming [27 Sep 2009|03:41pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Weee!!! ((This title is dedicated to unkyo and her family because of her awesome brother of awesomeness)

Ok, so some of you may or may not know, I was sorta set up on a date with a foreign exchange student because my friends' family is his Host family. :3 So the day before he came or the day he came, can't remember which, one of our friends says, "Oh! Maybe you can go with Mariah's exchange student." because I didn't have a date.

I waited till I met him to actually agree but really, once you've seen the boy and heard his adorable laugh he's hard to resist...

Continued for cuz...aka so it won't be to long on my friends' pages.Collapse )

Love ya!

P.S.-What's with me and foreigners?
P.S.S-The location thing thinks I'm in bountiful....Weird....xD

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Strange things are a foot... [09 Sep 2009|05:02pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

In the state of Denmark? Name that Shaksperian play and you get brownie points. :3

Anyways, I'm in a weird mood, again...It's prolly the compilation of two late nights, being still somewhat sick, and eating strange foods right after school...Not to mention letting some random phrase effect you like this. I've been surpisingly cheery all day, especially with how tired I am, but I went and hung out with my friends for a bit and all the while was trying to cheer up my good friend and person who drives me to school...And then, and I'm not sure what was said, but I took it oddly and now I'm feeling bleh...

I might go exercise...That usually helps my mood. But I dunno...I also really wish I could go to the Temple right now...I need to feeel that feeling...Granted, I did have Seminary today, which was fun. We talked abou the Plan of Happiness/Salvation.

In any case...I'm in a really strange mood...One of those moods where I wish I didn't look like I look, and feel like I feel...Not to mention that I...BAH!

Anyways...Sorry...Needed to let some of my feelings out for right now...Now off to my homework. The Scarlet Letter and AP Lit Practice testness.....

Love you all, sorry for my emoness.



(P.S. Have you ever noticed that the above is my Emo icon? I use it a lot when I'm in an off mood....)

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Random, short entry... [08 Sep 2009|01:23am]
[ mood | unsure ]

Sooo...Friday my friends and I had a movie night, being as it was one of my friends' B-days we tolerated her choice of the first Live-Action Death Note Movie.

I'd always avioded the series because Light, to put it bluntly, pisses me off. He's a jerk. Period. End of story. But seeing the movie intreaged me, especially because L-kun is adorable. =w=

Here I'll cut, incase I decide to let something slip...

SpoilersCollapse )

I guess I'm just in a weird mood after watching the end of Death Note...Weird series that...

That and I'm sick and felt the need to post something while I was up late...Now...I need to read one more chapter of The Scarlet Letter and go to bed...Hopefully Owl City will cheer me up...Cuz SL and DN deffinetly can't do that...Unless I can find a hilarious L moment to read or something...


Me being random. ><;


P.S. Owl City is awesome sauce. :)

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Brother's Keeper [27 Aug 2009|09:18pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

School's good. I'm procrastination again, but I have AP Contract tomorrow and lunch so hopefully I'll be able to snag some help from somebody, maybe even the teacher considering I'll be there early tomorrow, gotta snag good seats for the Assembly. There's a heck of a lot of Sophmores and they always without fail, come to the first assembly. Crazy they are...*nods* I'm so glad the majority of them aviod the Senior hall...I went through the sophmore area today and I felt really strange....O.o;

Looked at scolarships today. x3 And looking into an over night tour of SUU. *bounces* JOY! Srsly.

Anyways. Seminary pwned today. We made a thing called a human table! :O It was AWESOME! And then the teacher used that to go into how we all need to support each other, made me think of Exodus 17:11&12. Excellent versus those. <3 Gotta love them. Another thing that was talked about was 2Kings 6, I'm gonna read that tonight. x3 As well as some stuff from the Book of Mormon, I'm thinking more about going on a mission now, it just feels right, but we'll see how things roll. ^w^

Let's see....What else...The list for An Heir of Mystery may be posted tomorrow and if not I'll find out in first period on Monday and we'll go right into practicing. I'm excited, no matter who I end up with I'll be happy. ^w^

Let's see, oh, the title of this journal came from a song I was listening to when I started writting. :3 I'm listening to Cherie Call's How to Move a Moutain currently and now it ended....O.o;

Umm....What else...I dunno...OH! Exercise. I hurt. Quite literaly everywhere, it hurts to laugh. O.o *pokes her own stomach* And I'm very greatful for the assembly tomorrow, it means less time in Fit for Life, granted we will have a sub, but we'll still be working...;.; :D I'm loving it though, and I hope it helps me, and feel like it is...I did Taebo last night and then again tonight with Squirrel, I heart her soul.

Anyways, random babble ends now...I'm gonna try and do homework and then read 2nd Kings 6 and 2Nephi 5. :3

Love you all!


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Random Quiz and school? [24 Aug 2009|05:51pm]
[ mood | blank ]

Your result for The LONG Scientific Personality Test...

INFJ - the counselor

You scored 45% I to E, 16% N to S, 29% F to T, and 32% J to P!

Your type is best summed up by the word "counselor", which belongs to the larger group of idealists. Only 2% of the population share your type. You are so empathic that you often know what others need before they know themselves. You are a complex person who can deal with complicated issues and people, almost prefer to, as you love problem solving. You can be something of an idealist or perfectionist, and should try to take yourself a little less seriously.

You are a supportive and insightful romantic partner, encouraging your mate to have dreams and work hard to make those dreams come true. Because you are so creative, you have a wealth of ideas to help them toward those goals. You need harmony so much that you are driven to resolve conflict quickly, as long as the terms don't violate your ethics. You feel the most appreciated when your partner admires your creativity, trusts your inspirations, and respects your values. It is also vitally important that your partner be open and emotionally available - in other words, that they be willing to share themselves completely.

Your group summary: idealists (NF)

Your type summary: INFJ

Take The LONG Scientific Personality Test
at HelloQuizzy

I was trying to take a quiz that Uny took but I couldn't find it and the link didn't work properly. :P Not sure I agree with this, but whatever....What do you lot think?

As for school...Eight classes in one day is ...@@ So glad it was just a today thing. :P I'm super excited for Productions and if anyone wants dates for the shows lemme know, I have an awesome magnet of awesomeness with ALL the shows&dates on it. x3

Good times...Good times...Anyways, I'm tired...And it's only a few minutes to six, I've still yet to read stuff for AP Euro, etc....D:

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Bleach, Naruto, and D.Gray-Man?! *squee* [21 Aug 2009|04:19pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

((Copying this from my dA because it's so full of joy and I wanted to share said joy....Because I can.))

*sighs with joy and points at the title* I feel giddy with manga reading. x3

I've caught up on all three of those manga and it's joyful. ((Granted, the last two I only had a chapter to read))

-WARNING, Possible spoilers of the manga mentioned in the title below!- ((Also, to lazy to cut at the moment, sorries))

But finally getting the Bleach manga caught up with...@@ JOY! Shiro-kun! *glomps toshiro* Seriously, awesome sauce! And then Ichi-nii....@@ That was scary....And, and...I shouldn't say anything more for fear of someone eating me but...I now, slightly, like Hollow-Ichi, but he still scares me...@@ Because he's freaky and all death-doom-ish...<<....>>....But oddly attractive....Oh! Not to mention the current Arch in the anime....JOY! *fangirls over bleach enddlessly* My Shiro-kun! *glomps him and looks at you all suspiciously* Oh...And another thought...I dun wanna wait till September for teh new movie! D: *squirms*

Naruto was good, but as usual I went through the chapter far faster than I'd like to....Plus...I'm curious as to what Tobi is going to say and what Naruto might do...<<....>>....Don't watch the anime here so nothing super exciting to say here on that...

D.Gray-Man....I felt lost...@@; I think I need to reread it some because seriously...I read it all but it all kinda went over my head. (Wheee!!!!) Seeing all of the Noah confused me...And was that the Earl at the end? I dunno...I read it earlier this week and already Bleach has taken and pushed it almost out of my head...><; Seriously...Read a lot of Bleach today....-further joy-.

On another side note, I read some of the later Furuba stuff....*squeals and dies* I forgot how much I loved Furuba...And Momiji! *glomps adult momiji* Lil' cute German bunny....x3 I also watched DNAngel this week, only like...Two and a half episodes or something but it really isn't as great as I once remember it being. Still love the characters but the manga totally pwns teh anime.

So yes...My last week of summer has been very anime/manga oriented.....I blame Toshiro...Why? Cuz I can. I also started working on Forever Spellbound again...Only have the cover and some quick character sketch stuff done but seriously...I feel guilty having left it as it is...((Considering I never really started into the story, but now I have a better idea for the story anyways)).

On another note I have boots of awesome. And a scarf of awesome, etc. I dunno...I've just enjoyed the past few days. Two days of summer left not counting today...I dunno wether to bounce up and down or scream and run, whatever the case may be I'm doing it with a smile!

Oh...Yes....I do still have far to much to do...Please tell me to stop sketching things, it's bad for my health....<<...>>....Not really...Maybe...When I stay up later to finish stuff it is anyways...<<....>>....

Love you all!!! Oh.....And...Ummm.....I still have boots of awesome. They are awesome. If you'd like to see them, lemme know, cuz they're truly are full of awesome. <3



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Hrm... [22 Jun 2009|11:49am]
[ mood | happy ]

Soooo....The Shaman King manga ends lamely...Granted, I've not finished it but there are only a few chapters remaining and there is no way in havens name it can come to an end in that few chapters...Plus...I looked at Wiki...<.<....>.>....I's very angry about that.

Alas...Bleach steals my attention again...Woot? I want the third movie...Now...Not in three months....;.;

Bah....Working on a picture right now that I won't show here because...Well...Tis a surprise for someone who might actually read this...Strange things, right?

Aside from that....I really ought to obey my DA To-do List...D: Ebilness.

I think I want to make some icons...Anyone want me to make anything in particular?

This is a random journal entry...I had an intention....Oh!

Bleach AMVs=Win.
Let me know if you'd like to see some, because I can link you to many a fine one...Via my opinion, of corse...The first one I watched was rather good. I dislike the fact that the song swears but it fits so well I disregarded that and faved it...<.<...>.>....



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